The UGA Obesity Initiative conducts cutting-edge research organized around specific obesity-related problem areas. Multi-disciplinary teams enable integrating diverse, yet complementary, skill sets, to address the complex issues associated with obesity at both individual and community levels.

virtual reality

Virtual Environments

UGA researchers are taking the battle against obesity into the virtual world. Using advanced computer simulations, specially designed avatars, virtual pets and interactive games, they hope to help students better understand how the choices they make affect their health.

Understanding Diabetes Through Virtual Gaming

When Scott Brown thinks about the future of education, he sees his undergraduate students taking notes on tablets and looking at 3-D models while maneuvering textbook pages with the flick of a finger.

Preventing Diabetes in Patients with Mobility Disabilities

Improvements in medical care have made it possible for paraplegics to live much longer than they would have in the past. However, living longer lives means they also must wrestle with common health problems other populations often face, including diabetes.

Plant Compounds to Fight Obesity

Clifton Baile, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar and D.W. Brooks Distinguished Professor of Animal and Dairy Science and professor of foods and nutrition, and his colleagues have been exploring the potential of plant-based compounds known as phytochemicals in weight loss for more than a decade.

Parasitic Worms May Help Treat Diseases Associated with Obesity

On the list of undesirable medical conditions, a parasitic worm infection surely ranks fairly high. Although modern pharmaceuticals have made them less of a threat in some areas, these organisms are still a major cause of disease and disability throughout much of the developing world.

Obesity and Bone Health

A team of researchers led by Rick Lewis, professor of foods and nutrition in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, found that obesity may also be bad for bone health.