Affiliated Groups

Looking to collaborate on obesity-related research? Check out these additional resources, groups, and organizations.

Clinical and Translational Research Unit

The Clinical and Translational Research Unit (CTRU), located on the UGA Health Sciences Campus, supports investigators to conduct clinical and translational studies that advance the understanding, prevention and treatment of human disease. For students and health sciences trainees, the unit provides opportunities to learn how laboratory discoveries are translated into improved patient outcomes.

Owens Institute for Behavioral Research

The Owens Institute for Behavioral Research (OIBR)works to provide services, information, and support that can enhance the quality, comprehensiveness, and relevance of social and behavioral research at the University of Georgia.

Center for Family Research

The Center for Family Research is a behavioral science research center at the University of Georgia. Our research is guided by a concern for the difficulties faced by African American families living in the rural South. In many of these communities, the lack of resources for health care and employment can make it especially difficult to raise children. We focus on the strengths of these families and communities that allow children to thrive.

Georgia Clinical and Translational Science Alliance

The institutions of the Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance leverage their complementary strengths to accelerate clinical and translational education, research, and community engagement to impact health in Georgia and beyond. Translation is the process of turning observations in the laboratory, clinic, and community into interventions that improve the health of individuals and the public.

Graduate Certificate in Obesity and Weight Management

The interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Obesity and Weight Management prepares students to address the obesity epidemic in clinical, community, school, workplace, and research settings.  The program is tailored towards each student’s interests, allowing them to pursue courses, internships, and research in a number of relevant areas, such as nutrition, physical activity, environment, behavioral management, and counseling and policy. Students will also learn how develop skills in advocacy and enhance communication about obesity and weight management with diverse audiences.

Center for Physical Activity and Health

Established in 1980, the Center for Physical Activity and Health was originally designed as an outreach program that also served as a teaching/learning lab for student practicums and internships. Today, the center offers programming for a variety of populations, with an emphasis on the prevention and management of chronic diseases and conditions that benefit from physical activity.

Innovation Gateway

Innovation Gateway promotes entrepreneurship and translates research discoveries into new products and startup companies which drive economic growth. Innovation Gateway streamlines the path from the laboratory or field to the marketplace, ensuring that University of Georgia research discoveries reach their full potential for public benefit.

Statistical Consulting Center

The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC), in existence since 1990, is a Core Facility of the University of Georgia. The mission of the SCC is threefold: to provide collaborative research assistance to faculty, research staff, and students in all departments of the University of Georgia; to increase the quality of quantitative research performed at the University; and to provide an advantageous educational experience to students of statistics through training as statistical collaborators.