The University of Georgia launched a major campus-wide initiative in January 2012 to help the state address its growing epidemic of childhood and adult obesity, as well as the increasing incidence of overweight infants.

As Georgia’s land-grant university, UGA is able to harness diverse and extensive obesity-related instruction, research activities, and public service and outreach components to address this multi-faceted problem. The initiative will develop obesity prevention and treatment programs that interested Georgia communities, employers and healthcare providers can implement.

Collaborations are planned with Athens Regional Medical Center to integrate obesity prevention and treatment strategies into healthcare. The initiative also will coordinate the study and development of state and national public health policies and economic strategies to address obesity and metabolic disorders.

UGA will work cooperatively with interested parties, including other Georgia research institutions, to help bring obesity under control.

Obesity Brochure (PDF)

Obesity Initiative Strategic Plan (PDF)

Affiliated Units

University of Georgia Units with faculty and staff engaged in research, instruction or outreach addressing obesity.