Research Overview

Supporting Obesity Related Research

The UGA Obesity Research Initiative supports graduate student and faculty whose research is related to obesity. Throughout the academic year, we offer opportunities for UGA students and faculty to apply for a variety of funding opportunities.

Seed Grants

  • The goal of the seed funding is to stimulate multidisciplinary obesity-related research teams to be more competitive in obtaining large-scale external funding.  Seed grant funds are awarded up to $10,000 to support one  obesity-related pilot study that is multidisciplinary in nature and involves investigators from at least 3 different departments or colleges at UGA.

Resubmission Grants

  • Resubmission Grants are available for obesity-related projects to provide support for investigators to improve an already high-rated or scored proposal for resubmission. These awards are available to UGA OI Affiliates. Grants up to $10,000  are provided to help an investigator strategically improve the proposal’s viability upon resubmission.

Graduate Student Research Grants

  • The goal of this funding is to expose graduate students to a research grant opportunity for a project they are working on or propose to execute during the fiscal year of the award. The grant proposal should be written by the graduate student. Their PI or research mentor will need to approve the proposal prior to submission, and by doing so, agree to oversee the project with the student. In addition to the graduate student and PI, other graduate students, postdocs, faculty members, or undergraduate students can participate as a member of the research team.

Statistical Consulting Grants

  • These grants are a  funding opportunity for faculty, post docs or graduate students conducting obesity related research. Qualifying applicants are eligible to receive up to $500 for consulting fees to be used at the UGA Statistical Consulting Center.  The opportunity to utilize statistical consulting can enhance researchers’ ability to analyze, interpret, and share important data.

Equipment Awards

  • On occasion, the ORI awards grants for specific equipment needed for obesity related research projects. Additionally, the ORI houses some core equipment available to all ORI affiliates

Travel Awards

  • Travel awards are typically offered in fall and spring. This funding supports faculty, post docs, and graduate students who have been invited to present their obesity related research at regional, national and international conferences and meetings.

UGA Obesity Research Initiative funding opportunities are announced via email to all affiliates. If you would like to become an ORI affiliate, please visit the “become an affiliate” page.