2023 Symposium Itinerary


UGA Obesity Initiative Third Annual Research Symposium
February 10, 2023

UGA Special Collections Library
300 Hull Street
Athens, GA 30602

  • Schedule:
    • 9:00-9:05 Welcome- Dr. Jamie Cooper, Director UGA Obesity Initiative, William P. “Bill” Flatt Professor in Nutritional Sciences
      9:05-9:20 Jillian Allen PhD Student, Nutritional Sciences
      Presentation: Perinatal microbiota composition modulates gut-brain axis development
      9:20-9:35 Mai Spaulding, PhD Candidate, Nutritional Sciences
      Presentation: Unpredictable food access during adolescence increases adiposity through Western Diet consumption in adulthood
      9:35-9:50 Elizabeth Cogan, PhD Candidate, Nutritional Sciences
      Presentation: A Pecan-Enriched Diet Enhanced Appetite-Regulating Hormone with no Effect on Energy Intake: A Randomized Control Trial
      9:50-10:00 Break
      10:00-10:05  Symposium Morning Speaker Introduction Dr. Jamie Cooper
      10:05-10:40 Kathryn M. Ross, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, University of Florida
      Presentation Title: Telehealth Delivery of Behavioral Intervention for Obesity: Challenges and Opportunities
      10:40-11:15 Andrea Richardson, PhD, MPH, Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
      Presentation Title: Obesity, Place, and Structural Racism
      11:15-12:50 Lunch and Student Poster Presentations
      12:50-1:05 Mary Catherine Prater PhD Candidate, Nutritional Sciences
      Presentation: Modulation of Inflammation and Coagulation Markers in Adults at-risk for Cardiovascular Disease Following Diets Rich in Cottonseed Oil vs. Olive Oil
      1:05-1:20  Christabel Domfe, MS Student, Nutritional Sciences
      Presentation: Assessment of Shared Plate Eating in Urban and Rural Households in Ghana Using a Wearable Camera
      1:20-1:30 Break
      1:30-1:35 Introduction to Afternoon Speakers – Dr. Jamie Cooper
      1:35-2:10 Seth Creasy, PhD, Assistant Professor on Medicine, University of Colorado
      Presentation Title: Early Bird vs. Night Owl: When to Exercise for Weight Management?
      2:10-2:45 Chad Paton, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Georgia
      Presentation Title: Lipid metabolic features of obesity-induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
      2:45-3:00 Open questions for speakers
      3:00-3:15 Student award winners announced, closing remarks -Dr. Jamie Cooper