What We Do

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It is well established that overweight and obesity increase the risk for a number of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers. While obesity treatment is an important consideration, early obesity prevention, and the prevention of annual weight gain throughout adulthood, is critical to addressing the obesity epidemic.

Our goal is to promote transdisciplinary research among a diverse group of UGA faculty to address important obesity prevention and treatment health issues. We will facilitate research ranging from “benchtop to bedside”… and beyond. To that end, we have created interests groups that encompass basic science, clinical, behavioral, community, and policy research. We will also hold an annual symposium to foster a dynamic research environment enhancing communication, learning, and collaboration.

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We are well-positioned to further enhance obesity-related research efforts and improve the dissemination of information. One goal of the Obesity Research Initiative is to help ensure that the outstanding obesity research being done by scientists across campus in a number of different disciplines is shared in a practical and effective way to the general public through numerous media outlets. This will help ensure that credible and scientifically sound messages about nutrition, exercise, medicine, body weight regulation and more are being heard in a strong voice from a reputable University.